Use email brilliantly.

Send email with our powerful API and track it with our platform, to get superior deliverability no other email product can match.


Scale without concerns

Remove the word deliverability from your vocabulary, the Message Bus platform automatically does it for you. By individually segmenting, authenticating and managing user & ISP feedback for each of your mail streams, your message always gets through.

  • 98%Delivered
  • 78%Opened


Turning data insights into action

Turn your whole team into data scientists with our advanced analytics platform. Quickly understand everything you need to know about your email performance without lifting a finger!


Powerful Messaging

With performance-enhancing templates, bulk and real-time data access and insight into every nook and cranny of your account, our Messaging API is the secret sauce to lasting connections with your customers.

  • Simple pricing

    There are no overage fees. You get everything you need to send email right, monitor and ensure delivery and engagement. When you’re ready to grow we’ll be right here with you.

  • Integration, Compliance and Security

    Add new capabilities to your existing email tool and bring it all under one roof. Benefit from brand protection with full message authentication and DMARC.

  • Segmentation

    Segmentation enables you to separately deliver, measure and grow the effectiveness of individual email programs with no chance of one stream impacting the other.